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Professionals in the areas of science, medicine, psychology, and law are speaking out about serious concerns that vaccines currently recommended for children have not been proven safe.

Theresa Deisher, Ph.D.
Molecular Biologist


Dr. Theresa Deisher is an expert in the field of molecular biology and epigenetics.

Open letter to legislators regarding fetal cell DNA in vaccines. 

intuitive safety assessment

"The dangers are very real...but empirical safety studies have not been done."

Karin Burkhard, M.D.
Child Psychiatrist


Dr. Karin Burkhard graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 1984. She completed psychiatric residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship in 1989. She has been in practice on Long Island since 1989.


"The science has not been done...We need to have the debate"


-What's the Solution? 
-Safer Vaccine Program

Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D.
Biochemist and Molecular Biologist

Paul Thomas, M.D.                                                          Pediatrician

Dr. Thomas attended and graduated with his MD from Dartmouth College Giesel School of Medicine. He completed his three years of pediatric residency at the University of California San Fransisco (Fresno program) and San Diego. Voted by his peers the top teaching resident of the year, he went on to teach and train young doctors from OHSU (Oregon Health Science University) at Emanuel Children’s Hospital in Portland Oregon – where he settled and raised a family of ultimately 10 children (7 adopted).

         Dr Paul Thomas and
    Vaccine Friendly Plan (video)
Dr. Thomas has reduced the incidence of autism to ZERO in his pediatrics practice over 10 years.

Dr. Shiva Ayyaduurai, Ph.D.
Systems Scientist

The Reality of the Modern Immune System

Steve Kirsch

Founder, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (

Steve Kirsch's Newsletter

Cardiologist & Epidemiologist, Peter McCullough, MD, joins Del on the heels of his World Council for Health appearance in which he boldly stated that the full childhood vaccine schedule should be placed on hold until safety can be properly assessed. And Dr. McCullough is not alone.

Watch Video Here

Michael Elice, M.D.

Dr Elice is a graduate of Syracuse University and the Chicago Medical School.  He maintains teaching positions at New York University Medical School and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has adjunct professorship at North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, New York and the Cohen Children’s Hospital of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, New York.


As a board certified pediatrician, I took the same oath as all physicians, "to do no harm."

I am advocating that doctors and patients become aware of the ingredients of these vaccines, what they can potentially do to affect an adverse outcome in an immunologically compromised child. 

Let's stop believing that the mainstream media is telling us the truth when all they are doing is shutting down any intelligent and open discussion about vaccine safety and how to improve it.