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What every parent in their right mind wants to know.
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We are parents and grandparents. We are aspiring parents and grandparents. We are professionals, or just Moms & Dads, Grandmas & Grandpas. We are consumers. We are fellow, thinking human beings who share concern for the well being of our children. We are the guardians of our heritage and our family legacy. We are looking out for the future of our species. We are in our right minds, and are minding our rights to protect our DNA. 





The mission of Parent Mind, Inc is to share thoughtful, carefully researched information for parents, grandparents, professionals and families: “What every parent in their right mind wants to know”.

We provide a forum and platform for exchanging information with anyone who joins our organization. We maintain a library of pertinent documents, scientific data, and current discussion in the world-wide community of parents and professionals. We invite opinions and new information to be shared in our discussion forum.



Parent Mind invites members of all ages, genders, ethnic, religious and political affiliations to join our information forum and share in our mission.

We commit to maintaining a respectful forum for discussion and differences of opinion. We welcome open debate about issues that are clearly complex and multidimensional. We require only that members commit to maintain the same degree of respect in contributing opposing opinions or conflicting data.

Parent Mind reserves to right to cancel membership if a member uses profanity, personal insults, or disparaging remarks that detract from the integrity and spirit of our mission.